They're not made.

They're grown.

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Grown to order skincare.

Introducing the Bio Restore Membrane - grown to order under eye-masks. One month's supply (18 sets) for £32.

One months’ supply

18 eye-masks to show you that these aren’t a quick fix - working these into your skincare routine will give you lasting results. Our tests have shown 18 pairs will keep your eyes looking visibly less tired for longer.

Revolutionay Formula.

A formula derived from the Ocean and infused with hyaluronic acid, cucumber and witch hazel to plump and hydrate the skin surface around your eyes.

The Effect

We utilise algae in a way never seen before to bring hydration to thin skin tissue. We add Aloe Vera for its potent anti-inflammatory properties before adding witch hazel to help soothe the skin.

Hyaluronic acid provides the plumping properties beloved in our Algae Plump + B3 serum combined with our eyebright tincture to soothe and reduce dark circles.

The result is visibly less tired skin around our delicate eye tissue.

Why We Grow It.

Well here’s the thing. Usually, we’d say why we make it, but this different because we grow it.

It’s not a new concept. In fact, it’s one of the oldest concepts out there. Growing just the right amount; some years you’d have a bumper harvest, other years you wouldn’t. But you’d never end up taking too much from mother Earth.

We cultivate agar in-house after extracting it from seaweed. The agar is then grown and infused with our natural ingredients to create a biodegradable under-eye mask that will leave your skin visibly less tired.

Why We Love It.

The combination of three new concepts really elevates this above anything else. 100% natural. 100% compostable (including the packaging!).

And it has been a labour of love. We've been developing these for over a year - from prototypes that turned to mush as soon as they were activated, to versions that were so thick they couldn't be cut.

But we've got it just right - a biomembrane you activate in water to unleash the powerful ingredients baked right into the seaweed. It's a true revolution for skincare.

The Science.

The skin around your eyes is incredibly thin, which therefore makes it more delicate and susceptible to signs of tiredness - including dryness, wrinkles and dark circles.

The key, as with all skincare, is hydration. And that's why we add the hyaluronic acid to the seaweed. So you've got the potent power of seaweed to hydrate and nourish with the powerful effects of the hyaluronic acid to plump and lock in water.

We add aloe vera to cool down the eyes, which helps to reduce the 'puffiness' associated with tiredness. Combine with cucumber, these two ingredients will help to calm down any irritation around the eyes.

Wait. There's more?

We teased the bio restore membrane as three different products, and we weren't wrong. Once you order your membranes, we'll be emailing you weekly updates of your eye masks as they are created, grown and dispatched via carbon-neutral shipping.

This means you'll be aware at every stage of the journey what your eye masks are looking like, and how long you've got to wait until they arrive at your door. We're shipping a months supply, which is 18 pairs.

We found this the perfect amount during our testing. We'd apply them a couple of times a week, and then again before a big event (pre-COVID). The membranes take 3 weeks to grow, and you'll be able to order refills without any packaging...

How We Grow Them.

After extracting the agar from the cells of seaweed, we begin the infusion stage where we extract the natural elements from our ingredients including cucumber, witch hazel and aloe vera and heat to a high degree. Once all the ingredients have fused together it gets exciting. As the liquid begins to cool, it begins to solidify...and grow. After 3 weeks of growth, the eye masks are ready to be dehydrated and then laser cut. And then sent onto you...

Refills That Don't Cost The Earth.

It's one of our most requested services. The ability to refill a product without requiring any additional packaging. And at a discounted priced. We will be launching a refill service for the Bio Restore Membrane as standard.

You can pre-order another batch of eye masks without packaging - your masks will arrive in a compostable glassine sack. And we'll pass the savings onto you (and the Planet).

Grown to order. Refillable.
100% compostable.
Zero plastic. Zero Waste.

How to Use.

The eye masks need to be activated with warm water. The Bio Restore Membrane comes with a Petri dish inside. Take two eye masks and add them and some cold water to the Petri dish. They will instantly activate - they’ll wiggle around and shrivel up. When they’re ready, after about 15 seconds, they will unfurl. At this stage, you will know that the ingredients have activated and they’re ready to be placed under the eyes.

Place the patches on the soft skin around the eyes and leave them there for 10 minutes. When they dry out, you’ll know that all the ingredients have effectively been distributed around your eyes. You'll notice your eyes are cool, calm and visibly less tired.

If contact with the eyes occurs, please wash thoroughly with lukewarm water.